10 annoying and confusing questions people ask me about Beardo’s beard! (Part 2)

And you thought it was over, isn’t it? Yes. I agree, lots has changed in the last year but the questions and remarks about his beard? No, they are here to stay!

So, let’s answer them, shall we?

1. Does he have other bearded friends or he is the only one?

First of all, Beardo has A LOT of friends. And he doesn’t choose his friends on the basis of their beard length, so NO!

2. Don’t you get scared sometimes, by looking at his face?

The answer is NO. Sometimes, I am scared of him because of the stupid mistakes that I do, but definitely not because he has a beard!

3. Does he sweat under his beard?

Frankly, I haven’t asked him this yet. I don’t feel like doing that either, move ahead!

4. It must be very easy for you to recognise him in a crowd, no?

Yes. You are so right. Otherwise I would have definitely gotten another man home and ask him to make dinner for me as I ask Beardo! Thank God for that big black beard!

5. How much time did he take to grow his beard?

Now this is a question, I can answer (Not sarcastically). He started growing it from the time he was in college (roughly 22) I know him since then. But he used to shave it off as well. Since our marriage, he hasn’t completely shaved it off! So, 3 and half years precisely 🙂

6. Can I touch it?

Now, this is a question that we both get asked. Especially him. While my response is, please ask him, his response is super enthusiastic! Yes, why not? Honestly, I don’t understand what can be achieved by touching and feeling it? (speaking by keeping my possessiveness aside :p )

7. Is he a part of any beard clubs or any macho men club?

No, frankly, we both are not very big fans of such clubs.

8. Kids must be getting scared by his beard, no?

Sometimes they do, but he very good with kids. After the initial few minutes, they often play with the beard. 🙂

So, yeah, that covers all, at least for now! Do you have any more questions for me or Beardo? Fire them away! Also, remember, I am always looking for more innovative answers!

Happy beard, happy beardo!
Hell yeah!

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