10 annoying and confusing questions people ask me about Beardo’s beard!

People ask me annoying and confusing questions about Beardo’s beard all the time. I answer all of them in my head with heavy sarcasm and a gun in my hand, again imaginary. You can rest assured that no one has ever become a victim of my sarcastic comments nor have they been shot! So here go 10 questions that people ask me about Beardo’s beard.

1. Do you know how long is his beard has grown?

No! Not at all, because I don’t stay with him and don’t see his face every day!

2. How do you allow him to grow the beard like this?

Beardo is not a kid. He can do whatever he wants to do with his face!

3. Why don’t you cut his beard when he is asleep?

Because I am not crazy and insensitive!

4. How do you guys hug, kiss with his beard?

First of all, you are crossing the line there. Secondly, with practice and willingness, everything is possible my friend!

5. How do your parents allow it?

Again, it’s his life! He is married, not put him in a prison. To people thinking ‘it’s the same’, hard luck!

6. Do you like him before the beard or after his beard?

Did you marry your guy for his shaving skills? Or did you marry your girl for her haircut? No right? Same with me I like him for the person he is and not because of his facial hair. Of course I like the beard!

7. People will consider him as a terrorist and arrest him!

Are you serious, get a life seriously!

8. How did he get a job? Didn’t people at his workplace ask him to cut his beard?

No, because people who hired him looked at his work and skills! Boy, I hope you never become an HR.

9. Oh, I get it, he is a creative guy, writer-types, that’s why he has a beard!

Didn’t understand your question, don’t even want to understand, so bye!

10. How does he clean his beard?

What do you mean by that? Like how women clean their hair, with shampoo, cream, gel. It’s a full-fledged business now, bitch!)

Also, if you have any more innovative answers, please please let me know 🙂

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