7 insights that define a ‘power couple’!

On Valentine’s day, I got a chance to interact with and understand few couples. I made Instagram stories of ‘Power couples’ that we know of! And that’s when it hit me, there are so many couples who are doing awesome interesting things together! ‘Power couples’ are all around us! Today couples are seeing big dreams together, they are building empires!

I am observing them nowadays, what does make them extraordinary, what are the things that make them a power couple?

A dream in making

I must be repeating myself and will continue to do that but a dream together is important, crucial. You have no idea, the power of two well-aligned brains coming together and achieving their dreams together! Remember that Chaiwale couple from Kerala, who has roamed around 16 countries along with his wife. His occupation didn’t stop them from their passion and dream and they achieved it and still continue to do that! For me, that’s the power of a couple!

No filter

If you can’t be frank and honest in front of one person (and that person is your life partner), then things are difficult for my dear! Holding back anything from him/her will kind of damage the relationship. It’s that one person in front of whom, you can really be yourself, you can be most vulnerable, or strongest! Power couples build their strong relationship by not putting any filter as they are brutally honest with each other and to each other!

No awkward silence /moments EVER!

If thought processes are in sync, there are no awkward silences and that’s the best form of a relationship. I have seen couples who go on without talking to each other for hours and they are comfortable. They do their own stuff, togetherness is a feeling that can be experienced not necessarily when you are physically together but when your thoughts are actions are aligned. Most of the power couples don’t hesitate or feel awkward in front of their partners. They know it for sure that their partner is not there to judge or embarrass them or take offence!

Immense understanding

Take any startup owner (Couple-Preneuers) for example. Starting from Chumbak founders Shubhra Chadda and Vivek Prabhakar to the most successful couple of India Narayan and Sudha Murthy, they all have admitted that, it’s isn’t easy to work it out together. Another way to look at the conflict is that you already know so much about the other person, why not use it to solve a conflict, opinions can and will be different but there are ways to deal with them. You have to work hard on a relationship, it doesn’t come easily. Will Smith and his wife with their 20 years of strong marriage get it!

Equally strong individuals

To build an empire together, each step has to be strong! Two awesome, determined individuals come together to make an awesome couple. Going back to Narayan and Sudha Murthy again, while together they have Infosys, individually both of them possess powerful personality traits that make a difference. While he is a successful IT industrialist and business strategist, she is a successful author and philanthropist.

Complement, balance and support each other

Who can forget the most romantic and beautiful speech of Barack Obama about Michelle on his last day of presidency. I well up just by looking the expressions of both them, so much love, compassion and respect for each other!

Hard times teach you how to face the situations and be tough, imagine facing them when you have a strong support with constantly telling you that ‘you can do this!’ from financial problems to family issues, job, business tensions or unexpected incidents, couples who were together in tough situations understand each other’s worth and capability. So many more reasons to be proud of the decision you took in the first place to be with your partner!

Ready for a challenge together

Have you heard a story of Dr.Prakash and Mandakini Amte? This doctor duo selflessly worked for more than 25 years in remote villages of Maharashtra for the development of locals. Both are doctors and could have easily gone to the US and made their better lives. But. Dr. Prakash Amte decided to follow his father’s way of social work and development of poor. Dr. Mandakini Amte didn’t think for a second and left her comfortable life.

Leaving a link of the trailer for a movie based on their lives for those who are interested to know more about them.

Believing in each other’s visions and support selflessly isn’t easy. But that’s what makes the relationship so strong. This is the best example of a ‘power couple’.

Nothing can replace that feeling of achievement when both of you have equally contributed to making something happen, Both of you stood by each other, faced difficulties together and kept following the dream! Wouldn’t it be amazing to experience it!

Last but not the least, I am becoming obsessed with this concept of two strangers coming together and building a beautiful life together with all their hustles, struggles, work and love! So, I want to ask Y’all, what according to you is ‘power couple’?

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