7 useful things that will make your road trips super comfortable.

Who doesn’t love road trips? Yeah, people with motion sickness. But apart from them, I guess most of us love road trips. It’s been almost a year that we bought our Tiago, and since then, we have driven over 14,000 km. No doubt that we’ve enjoyed every bit of it, but when you are on the road that often, you need to make sure that your car makes you feel as comfortable as possible.

No matter how frequently you go on road trips, there are certain things that will help in making your journeys great and more importantly, comfortable. So here’s a list of things that you need to get before you hit the roads again.

Car charger for your phones

First things first. Be it updating stories, playing music or navigation ourselves, we are heavily dependant on our phones. So it is necessary that you have a good car charger. Most of us end up getting or buying cheap quality chargers that are of no use. I personally use the Mivi 2 Port 4.8A charger. The best and the fastest charger I have used so far. Great quality and does the job damn quickly. Buy it by clicking on the image or the link. Go for it!

Google Maps

We have long lost the art of ‘asking’. We don’t ask people for routes anymore, we just switch on our GPS and navigate ourselves. I am sure most of you guys use Google Maps and that is one of the best free services out there. Pro Tip: Download and save the map of the region you plan to visit offline. So even if you are in a no network zone, your map will work just fine.

Insulated car seat back holder

If you like your beverages to remain cold or hot and if you always wanted some pockets to keep your snacks or even hold your gadgets, then this is an ideal buy for you. Check it out by clicking on the image or the link.

Car seat gap filler

I love innovative products, specially the ones which solve for small issues that we neglect. One such product is car seat gap fillers. How many times have you dropped things in that carmuda triangle? Coins, phones, and whatnot. This will be your savior, believe me. If you are intrigued as I was, click on the image to check it out. You can also go for a fancier version which comes with a foldable cup holder.

Dual pen drive

If you are like me and prefer playing songs via pen drives, then go for it. You can download songs on your phone and transfer it to this dual pen drive right away. I know you can directly play songs via Bluetooth and AUX cables but it always helps to keep those gadgets charged. This little thing can help you during those really long drives. Check it out by clicking on the image or the link.

Glass Cleaner

There are times when your car is beyond recognizable, especially when you drive through muddy or dusty roads. Even those wipers give up. At such times, this spray cleaner comes in handy in tidying up your windshield and windows. Pro-tip: If you don’t want to spend a lot, you can buy it from those roadside sellers. In case you want to order, click on the image or link.

Pet-friendly seats

This is for pet lovers who travel with their pets. It’s time to make those seats pet-friendly. This will prevent them from falling into the gap between the seats. And yeah, it is waterproof too. The next time you travel with your pet, make sure she/he is comfortable too. Go for it! Just click on the image or the link.

So that’s it from me. If you guys know about more such products, do let me know. I will buy it and feature it the next time. I will also make sure I keep updating about more such items as and when I come across.

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