A silent birthday at the ‘Silent Shores’

Key to traveling regularly despite having a regular job and having to take care of household chores is – choosing the right places. We plan for the ultimate destination and in doing so we often miss out on great places close by. If you look closely, you might come across some amazing places.

This is exactly what we did for Beardo’s birthday. As a tradition, we try our best to spend our birthdays away from the city. But since we had already covered Andaman and Kerala in June, we decided to skip the faraway places and instead opted for a relaxed weekend. The chosen place was the ‘Silent Shore Resort’ in Mysore. Luckily for us, it was a long weekend. We spent the eve of his birthday, 24th June, with his friends and left early on 25th June.

Route: Bangalore -> Mysore

Silent Shore is around 150 km. from Bangalore on Mysore Road itself.
A small halt at ‘Malgudi Vatika’, one of our favourite breakfast places, turned out to be a time consuming one. Pro tip – Skip Vatika during the long weekend trip, as there is a chance that you might waste time waiting for a table. We reached Silent Shore around 2.00 PM in the afternoon, on time for our check-in. The friendly staff welcomed us. We had a quick lunch at the Italian restaurant before we reached the lovely room.

Silent Shore, a lavish property with a host of facilities, is a peaceful haven. Situated not very far from main Mysore Road, it is perfect for family and friends alike. It has 4 types of accommodations – Classic, Duplex, Cottages and Deluxe rooms. We had opted for the Duplex room overlooking the lake. Yes, a lake! The room was spacious, clean and super cozy. So full points there!

Silent Shore hosts 5 kinds of F& B spots; Ambrosia (Multi-Cuisine Restaurant), Spring (Lakeside Restaurant), Bella Italiano (Italian Restaurant), Cafe Bistro (Poolside Coffee Shop) and Amphora (Bar). Each of them serves food that one will enjoy.

A beautiful swimming pool is a major plus point. Beardo loves lazing in the pool, so it was a treat for him. The nicely maintained pool is only 4 feet and safe for kids as well.

The property has a lot of green cover. it soothes you down and makes you feel relaxed immediately. The view of the resort at night is beautiful. The colorful fountains in the lake make the place look magical. We had a nice, peaceful candle-light dinner sitting by the lake as we discussed us, Back in the room, we saw a small birthday cake waiting on the table for Beardo. It was a sweet surprise.

Initially, our booking was only for one day. The next morning, we were planning to leave for Bangalore after breakfast. While having breakfast, we were struck by a realization, that made us extend our stay until next morning. Because on the spot, unimaginable decisions are a part of our lives. And we had so much more to explore in the resort (read lazing around and watching TV). The resort has so much to offer, that a one day trip won’t suffice. We cycled, played some indoor games and again relaxed at Beardo’s happy place (the pool). The weather was very pleasant.

The next day, we left around 6.30 AM. As the stay includes complimentary breakfast, the manager was thoughtful to make special arrangements for us. He packed some sandwiches for us to go, again full points. So drove back, reached Bangalore around 10 and got back to routine. Perfect!

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