About Us

“Chetan, enough with the beard growing program now! How much more do you plan to grow?”

My dad asked this during one of our daily video calling sessions. “No, no, Baba (Baba is a dad in Marathi, after 2 years of marriage, uncle has finally been replaced by baba) I just trimmed it a couple of days back” replied Chetan.

Dad gave the usual ‘I don’t believe this guy’ look and changed the topic!

After the call, we both laughed about it and I exclaimed, “Such a weirdo you are”, to which he said, “No… no… not a weirdo, call me a beardo!” And that was it. *sfx: Thunderstorms….* The most unusual and the craziest deal ever in the history of marriage was struck! This was my way of saying anyways I will have to put up with that beard, so let me get something out of it. This way he gets what he wants and I get what ‘we’ want.

Thus was born Married to a Beardo!

Hello, we are Chetan and Ankita, advertising/marketing professionals, dreaming entrepreneurs, Malayali and Maharashtrian, South and North Indian, proud Mumbaikars, currently living in Namma Bengaluru (because, you know… exposure and stuff), travelers, collectors, DIY lovers and we love meeting new people! Two wandering minds always learning, experiencing, and eating new things and trying to live life in our own unique way!

We believe in ‘To each his own’ and often find ourselves in trouble because of it. We picture a better world, without judgments, without boundaries, without greed and loads of love.

Welcome to our blog! While Mr. Beardo encourages more men to grow their beard, Mrs. Beardo will showcase more ways to decorate them and her home – DIY style. We also aim to give you a glimpse of different experiences we come across. Welcome to our weird world!