Experience the healing power of holidays with Sterling resorts!

A year ago when we visited Yelagiri for Beardo’s birthday, we stayed at the Sterling Resort there. Little did we know, we would get a chance to write about them. Last week we met the team of Sterling and they took us by surprise! We really resounded with their idea – ‘Holiday Differently’! It was all about exchanging our ideas about traveling and holidaying, quite exceptional I must say!

When we speak of a family holiday, we arrange for a comfortable resort, food which is similar to what we eat daily, and some normal sightseeing, but don’t you think it’s time to get ahead of that? It’s time we indulge in local cuisine, understand the local culture and experience the real beauty of the place! That’s when Sterling gets in! They are dedicated to giving us a unique holiday experience and the team is really passionate about the same.

Let us tell you things that we personally found interesting

Honest and Transparent

What we really liked about Sterling is the honesty and dedication with which they are approaching their current and potential travelers. From their brand identity to their brand image and look and feel, everything looks very fresh and has an interesting perspective! Having an advertising background, we can definitely say, some serious thinking has been done before they revealed the new imagery in front of us! Kudos to the team!

Changing the concept of holidaying

The travel bug has bitten Indians for sure! Though it was always there, now, we have started travelling extensively. We have finally realized that India has a lot to offer. But often, to find a perfect place which blends in all our requirements seems like a challenge! Sterling, with its differentiated experiences, is looking to make sure that we get what they call ‘healing power of holidays’. Isn’t it true? Holidays have healing powers that rejuvenate us, brings us closer to nature which otherwise is very difficult when we stay in concrete jungles!

New age for resorts

What sets Sterling apart, is the authentic experience they try to get to you! Starting from the locations; they have 29 of them; to local culture. From delectable cuisine to culture trails, they have got everything covered.

Every place tells a story, don’t you want to hear it?

Yes, traveling is about getting to know new stories. Every place has a unique story; something famous from the history or as small as an interesting individual. Sterling with its friendly and local hosts/staffs try to tell all and everything about the place.

There is something for every traveler

From budget travelers to luxury lovers, we all have our personal preferences when it comes to travel. Sterling is ready for all us! I have personally experienced this. They have different packages without compromising the quality of their service. When I wanted to book a property in Kerala for my family,I booked Sterling as their properties are at such beautiful locations and my family would have loved it!But at the same time, when I wanted to book a budget resort for us, I could do that too!

So from customized stargazing sessions to exclusive food and tea trails, So, henceforth let’s all plan to holiday differently, maybe in a Sterling way.

So excited to start exploring with them! Happy traveling everybody! 🙂

Do check out their offers and packages here –


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