Girls, here is a list of things you don’t consider while packing but you must!

As you all know, most of our trips are budget trips. We try to carry minimum luggage, I can see Beardo laughing at me. What men don’t realize is that girls need to carry more stuff than them.

So girls, here are a few things that we generally tend to forget or don’t consider while packing. These items can really make our lives easy during the travel. Most of the lists that you find on the internet talk about moisturizers, clothing, and food items! Even they forget listing things that actually come in handy! I hope this list helps you.

Stand and pee device

Trust me, no one gets it better than me! Now I know we can’t expect a spick and span restroom everywhere we go, but the problem is it is difficult to find public toilets in India, leave alone hygienic. It can be a huge problem for girls with small bladders like me. This stand and pee device is a blessing for overnight journeys.

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Travel perfume spray bottle

I cannot stay without my perfume, especially while traveling. but sometimes carrying a full bottle in your handbag becomes a problem. One of my aunts had gifted me this long back and it had really come in handy for me. In fact, I am going to buy another one. But this pocket-sized bottle will fit right in your travel pouch.

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A girl traveler’s best friend – the ultimate pepper spray

Chetan bought us (my sister and I) a can of pepper spray each after the Nirbhaya incident. The gravity of the situation was so intense that we all felt unsafe and started carrying the spray with us most of the time. Once, to check whether it really works, we tested it in my office and everyone on the entire floor coughed for the next half hour. In conclusion, it does work and I strongly recommend it, especially if you are a solo traveler.

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Panty liners

As much as we don’t like pads while traveling, why leave anything to chance? Even for a tampon girl, panty liners can be a blessing. I recently tried it and I found it to be comfortable.

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Lingerie wash bag

If I plan to go on a trip for more than 3-4 days, I like to carry this one! The feeling that I am well equipped with lingerie feels very comforting during long journeys. I bet you agree.

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At room comfort

Sometimes you just want to be indoors, chill and do absolutely nothing. That time, wearing shoes, lenses or even a bra for that matter feels like a task. Chappal socks are the perfect solution for such days. You can also wear them otherwise at home.

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Disposable everything

Untimely hunger can be dangerous. It happens to me all the time. I can’t control hunger, whatsoever. Disposable spoons/dishes and tissues are your answer to problems like unavailability of water to wash your hands, unavailability of spoons or plates.

Dry shampoos

How can you take a bath in -2-degree Celsius in Ladakh? Simple, dry shampoos to your rescue. I wouldn’t use them when I am home or a slightly comfortable place, but isn’t backpacking all about making tough choices?

Coconut oil

Call me old-fashioned or under an influence of my Malayalee family, but I don’t step out for a trip without coconut oil. We gave it to the world and we all should proudly use it. From repairing a rash to repairing your hair, from healing your scratches to healing your damaged lips, coconut oil is a pure magic! I totally recommended it!

Travel scarf

How do girls even think of traveling without a scarf, I would never know! One scarf can do so many things, from covering your ears or face to match your dress or to use it as a napkin in an emergency!

Happy traveling, girls.:)

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