Know each other a little more this Valentine’s Day!

Not to offend anyone, but Valentine’s Day looks kind of overrated now. Sure, we too celebrated it for a few years, 6 to be precise, but all that looks hyped! It’s become more of whose greeting card is bigger, whose dinner is fancier or whose spending lavishly!

To each his own, but why not celebrate Valentine’s Day without the usual red-colored teddy bears, expensive gifts or the plucking of roses! This Valentine’s Day, know each other a little bit more, instead. Penning down some of my thoughts. Feel free to try them.

A handwritten note

Sure, couples know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and respect them, but why not be vocal about it? Write a note to each other about the things that you really appreciate about each other, the little things that you have noticed about your partner but haven’t really appreciated them for the same. It will be priceless to see their reaction. If possible, capture it!

Document your candid moments

You might have clicked some really candid pictures of each other. Turn it into a beautiful album. Surprises like these can be really precious.

Cook a meal together!

If cooking doesn’t interest you, find something you would love to do. Activities help in spending quality time together and helping you bond at another level. Watch a classic, travel, or just chill together!

List down your favorite and less favorite things about each other

This comes from a very recent experience I had when a friend asked me to list down 3 things that I like and don’t like about Beardo. To my surprise, I could think much deeper and come up with interesting things and when I told him about them, he was surprised! In everyday grind, you forget to mention things that you deeply appreciate about each other and take them for granted. At the same time, you learn to ignore the things that you don’t like about each other. But it’s always good to be open about it. It’s little things like these that strengthen your relationship, trust me!

I always say this. Build something together, something that is exclusively yours belongs to the two of you! Maybe start investing, saving or spending on something you both really like, create something together, dream for something bigger and start planning! And on the next Valentine’s, you can evaluate your progress.

Start building something together

It’s a beautiful feeling to love and be loved, isn’t it? The day doesn’t matter but we can celebrate what we have together; a strong solid relationship, immense love and support!

Happy Valentine’s Day guys! 🙂

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