Lepakshi – Heritage meets beauty!

When you have a car, every weekend is an opportunity to hit the road and explore new places!

Our second road-trip in a month was to this beautiful place called ‘Lepakshi’. This was supposed to be
a drive just to the highway and back. But come on, who doesn’t like an unplanned adventure. After much discussion, we left our place in Indiranagar at around 3.30AM on Saturday.

How did we go?

Lepakshi is around 130 Km. away from Bangalore and this is what makes it an ideal destination for a day trip and weekend as well. After a small pit stop for tea and some awesome ‘bread omelet,’ we reached Lepakshi around 5.45AM. Right in time for one of the most beautiful sunrises that we have witnessed. To go to Lepakshi, one has to take the Hyderabad highway, wide and safe roads.


Famous for the Veerabhadra temple built in 15th century by Vijayanagara kings, Lepakshi is also known for the largest monolith of Nandi and Nagalinga in India.

What did we do?

To be frank, we were taken aback by the ancient the architectural brilliance. The temple of Veerabhadra is an ode to great vision, planning, detailing and patience. The gigantic Nandi sits around 200 meters away from the temple. Unlike other Nandis, this Nandi does not surrender and it looks as if it sits upright with pride, overlooking the entire village. As we were absorbing the aura of this beautiful monolith, the sun decided to come out and make the morning grander. It took our breath away!

The temple is massive. It will take you around half hour to one hour just to see the entire place! Right from the sculptures in the temple to the paintings on the ceilings, everything here is sure to leave you speechless and you will have a new respect for the great Indian heritage and history!

There are many stories associated with this temple, the story of a Shiv Devotee and legend of Jatayu (the bird from Ramayana) to name a few. Do talk to the locals there, you might just stumble upon a new story. It will be a unique experience by itself!

Mornings in Lepakshi are serene and cold! Morning prayers and peaceful atmosphere make this place soulful. Villages are friendly and enthusiastic. You might find a few travelers and photographers as one can’t get enough of this ancient architecture and sculptures!

After taking a small halt at the village, we headed back to Bangalore. By Saturday evening we were home. I will surely ask you all to go visit Lepakshi at least once, if not for religious reasons then for witnessing the architectural beauty. It’s a real treat to your body, mind, and soul!

Fact file – Total distance – 130kms

Places to eat – roadside dhabas and Tea counters (open from 4.30 in the morning)

Places to stay – even though we didn’t stay there, when we asked locals, they spoke about Haritha stay by AP tourism. It’s one of the most affordable and good quality staying option in Lepkshi. It’s right next to the famous Nandi.

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