Nature’s Nest – Goa beyond beaches, babes and beers!

Goa is always a good idea, don’t you think? No matter how many times you visit Goa, it never fails to surprise you! Every time you experience one of its secret treasures and you go like.. WHATTTTT! How didn’t I know about it before?

So, when I heard that a friend has a resort in south Goa, I was jumping with excitement because I knew I would be greeted by some of the other surprise this time as well!

Nature’s Nest is a nature resort based in the Western Ghats of Goa near Tambdi Surla. Nature’s Nest offers personalized birding, wilderness and adventure experiences. The team of the resort comprises of handpicked local youngsters who are dedicated to offering a quality service.

Along with unique experiences, the team is committed towards sustainable nature tourism. Precisely because of which they engage in activities like solid waste management, tree plantation, environmental education and conservation research.

1. About owners and the place

The owners of the resort are nature lovers themselves. Photographers, birders, environment conservationists and conscious. They are working towards the conservation of wildlife and birds in the western ghats. I know the owners personally, but even if you have a 10-minute conversation with them, you will understand that they genuinely care about the place, the environment and their guests as well, the conversation will teach you many new things! Isn’t is a good feeling to meet somebody who is running a business not only with the intention of making lots of money but do something constructive for the environment, wildlife and locals?

Have a look at what Nigel Marven, host from Animal Planet has to say about Nature’s Nest.

2. Unbelievable bird habitat and heaven for birders

At Nature’s Nest, everything is planned in such a way that birds will pay a visit. By planting and growing right trees they invite more and more birds to arrive at Nature’s Nest. An immense amount of dedication and hard work has gone into it to make sure that the travelers and photographers get a good birding experience. I am not a bird expert but I was so surprised to see so many species visiting Nature’s Nest!

3. Have you seen a Natural pond before? Well, you can experience it here

Because of the natural spring water, this pond is always filled with fresh water. The cold, fresh water, keeps getting produced from down an old water keeps coming at the surface, there is an outlet from which the old water goes out. There are very few places where you will be able to see something like this! It’s quite an experience!

4. You get to stay in a cozy shack!

I love the shacks at Nature’s Nest. They are cute looking, super comfortable and very tidy! Imagine yourself waking up the sweet sounds of birds, fresh air and lots and lots of green around you!

imagine waking up in one of these!

5. Yummy, yummy food!

‘Kokum tree’, a restaurant of Nature’s Nest. Even though I am a vegetarian, I enjoyed food there. It’s heaven for non-vegetarians as they prepare many varieties of fish and other meats. It’s a perfect blend of local, traditional cuisine and modern meals. They prepared all their meals fresh. They are very flexible about their menu as well. So they will pay attention to your special requests for sure!

The staff and team are very proud of the Goan food and it reflects in all meal and throughout your stay. For example, you will be welcomed to the resort with Kokum juice (Kokum sarbat) which is a local tradition here!

yummy food

6. There is something for each type of traveller

No matter what kind of a traveller are you, Nature’s Nest has something to offer you! They provide different packages depending upon your interests and you can decide what do you want to do!

  • Fish pedicure
  • Bonfire and barbecue
  • Photography sessions

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