Our learnings from shifting to a new city!

Shifting to a new city, away from family, friends and all that comfortable environment is not easy! But we took that decision anyway. And we are glad that we did it. In fact, it turned out to be a blessing! Here are few things that wanted to share with you.

Leave that comfort zone already

We both are born and brought up in Mumbai and we lived there for more than 2 and a half decade. So basically Mumbai was our entire life. And we realized It had turned into an ultimate comfort zone. Shifting to Bangalore changed everything for us! It was time for us to learn about a new society and understand the mentality of the city so that we could gel in. That’s a great learning! And we would have never done it if we wouldn’t have left Mumbai!

Best opportunity to meet new, interesting people

Every city has a vibe! Mumbai literally is on its toes 24 x 7! You will find people always in a hurry to get stuffs done, mostly it is to catch the ‘local’ train. Every small person has a big dream and they seem to be working towards it relentlessly. Hardworking, sincere, street smart and extremely efficient! I love the people of Mumbai. But only when you leave Mumbai is when you realize, are they really living their lives to the fullest? On the contrary, Bangalore likes to take things slowly. People work at their own pace and perhaps end their day by chilling someplace fancy with a beer.Everyone here has a life apart from work. They have a hobby, they play, they learn they travel, they do gardening, but mainly they chill! Even we got some time from the hectic schedule to concentrate on something concrete! It would have never happened in Mumbai.

Chance to learn new language, new culture, taste new food

Bangalore is no less cosmopolitan than Mumbai!. But every city has a specific culture, food, and habits. The spread of South Indian cuisine is epic. The city is really of food lovers and you will see countless food joints serving a variety of food. A typical morning in an old Bangalore house, with a hand-drawn Rangoli in front of the house, a peculiar way of speaking, a cup of by two coffee and the cold, pleasant weather, is such a bliss!

Explore the city with a tourist’s eyes

I remember when we were in Mumbai, we did not see many places just because we thought we had more time. There are still so many places in and around Mumbai that are left unexplored. When you are from the same city, you always feel that we can see it later but you end up not going there at all! After coming to Bangalore, we decided to take traveling extremely seriously. We wanted to experience everything that we could. Reason being, we don’t know for how long will we be in the city. This thought pushes us to explore more.

Spend some time with each other, with yourself

When you are on your own, you try your hand at a lot of new things. The same thing happened with us, in last two years, we worked on 2 different jobs each, started Viral Ilakkam (a youtube channel for funny, quirky content in Malayalam) and ‘Married to a beardo’ and traveled a lot! We know each other for around 7 years now out of which we have been married for more than 2 years. In these last years, we started knowing each other a lot better! Knowing that we were sort of alone in the new city gave us a chance to understand each other even more!

You get to know about your most valuable relations

There have been nights where I have woken up crying because I missed home. There was a time when I almost stopped talking to my friends back in Mumbai because I thought if I spoke to them I will miss them even more! It’s not easy to leave your entire settled life behind and start anew! That’s when you realize who are your people! Your most precious relations! Many of us spend our entire lives to realize the importance of it. But once you know it, I bet you will try and cherish them as much as you can!

We seriously think every one of us should try this once. You would be surprised to learn new things about this world and most importantly about yourself.

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