Relax and reconnect at Delightz Inn, Ooty.

Even though we stay with our loved ones or hang out with our best friends often, how many times do we open up and speak our minds out? Things that bother us, amuse us, or even surprise us? In our busy lives, we rarely take our heads out of our phones, laptops, TVs, etc.  and actually reconnect.

In Ooty, we got a chance to do exactly that. A small weekend break that turned out to be so relaxing and made us wonder as to why didn’t we do this earlier? Juggling with our jobs, the blog, meetups, and other commitments, had taken a toll on us and it was really overwhelming. We really felt like we hadn’t sat down and spoken to each other in a long time. Though it was an assignment for us, we decided to make the most of it and planned a weekend in Ooty.

The route

Benguluru β€” Mysuru rRoad –Bandipur National Park β€” Mudumalai Road – Ooty.

Such roads guarantee epic road trip 
No filter needed kinda blue sky.

It took us around 6-7 hours although the roads leading to Ooty is really good. Brace yurselves for a a nice road trip with an amazing view.

It’s not everyday that you drive through jungle hoping to see some wildlife. And we have ALWAYS been lucky to see at least one elephant on our way through jungles. And we weren’t disappointed this time too. This jumbo came to greet us.

One of God’s best creations. A gigantic beauty!

Since Delightz Inn is on the hilltop, road to the resort is a bit difficult but is a treat for drivers who loves challenges. Once you have the view from up there, it all seems worth it!

Delightz Inn, Ooty

Delightz Inn is a beautiful hotel situated amidst the Nilgiri Hills with a mind blowing view. The day we reached, the temperature dropped and it started raining heavily. It got misty and foggy so quickly that we went from full valley view to no valley view within minutes.Just magical!

Delightz Inn
Foggy and misty! Ooty, you beauty!

Rooms for all your needs

  • Deluxe suit for a comfortable stay with all the facilities like a room heater, coffee maker, laundry services, and doctor on call.
  • Executive suit for a small family or a group of friends. It has a living room and a bedroom and can accommodate up to 4 people.It comes with a same set of facilities as a Deluxe room.
  • Next comes the superior couple room. We were staying in this very room and it’s super comfortable. It has a nice valley view and all the amenities. With this room, they also offer a special honeymoon package, which includes bed decoration, a glass of wine, candle light dinner in the balcony with BBQ, bonfire and Music.They also provide services like two days sightseeing, horse riding and much more. The staff is super helpful and friendly.

All the rooms come equipped with WiFi, TV, security system and have power backups.

Food is extremely delicious. They have a special tandoor menu for the evening, a Delightz Inn speciality. Suitable for the cold weather and it something to die for! Also, they make everything fresh, no wonder a simple daal khichdi also tasted so yummy!

In our super busy lifestyles, the intensity and depth of emotions get lost somewhere. We definitely don’t do it intentionally, but it happens. Many couples feel that their initial days are gone and now they are like any other couple, without romance and excitement in the relationship. But how many times do we take an effort to bring the good old days back?

Reconnecting is an art

foggy fun!

Reconnecting is a key to keep your relationships healthy. It also applies to families and friends. It is the only thing which will make us feel comfortable and protected. .

And for people working on their new relationships? You must definitely take time out and get to know each other. Travel with each other, talk about each other’s friends, families, work, etc.. Have real conversations. Discuss about likes, dislikes, hobbies, favourites. etc. And most importantly relax. You have no idea how refreshed you will feel.

In these 2-3 days, we spent all our time together, acted like a bunch of crazies, hiked, watched TV, teased each other, spoke about future plans, things that bother us and what not. It really worked like magic!

Above all, I think, we were able to do it because we didn’t have a big list of things to finish or tasks to complete. We were able to chill with each other without any tensions. and so, Ooty was a clear winner.

Ooty is almost always crowded with tourists.That’s exactly what worked for us. We didn’t want to go out and do all touristy things. We decided to stay indoors in the outdoors and had so much fun! A perfect break! Delightz Inn with it’s amazing view, service and of course, honeymoon suite helped us.

Although, we did some sight seeing, along the way because it was so so beautiful!

Met this cutie on the way. We call him – whitey booty… from Ooty πŸ™‚

We would urge you to take a small break. Reconnect, relax, spend quality time together! Especially couples, take out exclusive time together.

How can we help?

You know how enthusiastic we are about spending quality time together and building strong relationships, here is how we will help you.

  • Book your stay with Delightz Inn,Ooty for 3 days.
  • Use code ‘BEARDO’ and send your request to the management. (You can contact them through Instagram or can mail them. We are putting the links in the article.)
  • You will get a stay for one day absolutely free! Time to plan a perfect long weekend?

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Happy reconnecting, guys!

Thanks Delightz Inn for such a delightful weekend! πŸ™‚