Roadtrip music we swear by!

For us, roadtrip music selection is a task we take very seriously! The music either has to capture the mood or it should take twists and turns as the landscape changes. Gone are the days where we used to save up special songs to play during a road trip. Nowadays the spotifys, googles, and amazons of the world have made life easy. We have a wide variety of artists and playlists to choose from, but does that make things easy? WE don’t think so. Because, still choosing the right playlist, right artist to go with your road trip mood and landscape is tricky!

From the time we got our car in 2017, we have been for many road trips. We have covered almost 27000 km with our darling playlists and artists. It would have been very difficult without must-play songs to set the vibe.

Our Tiago

What’s the use of a community if you can’t share your tips, tricks and everything useful,  right? So, here we go. Sharing with you our favourite artists who accompany us on our trips. You won’t have to keep searching for perfect songs.

You might not know some artists but their music is worth exploring.

Hit it Linda!   

1. Haux

Originally from London, this artist is THE ONE if you want to get lost on the road (in a good way) His indie electronic music screams out good vibes! His voice is magical and some of his songs just bring peace to you. Start your next roadtrip with his songs!

Start with this song

2. Daniela Andrade

A young musician who has covered so many songs with her melodious voice! Take her playlists with you if you are a fan of unplugged music. She doesn’t only creates these soothing covers, but she also has a very distinct personality. Her covers stick with you.

Do try it! 

3. John Butler

This America based Australian singer is extremely talented. His voice brings calmness and his compositions are just apt for road trips. He does many covers of popular songs as well. His videos on YouTube are very interesting because that’s where you can see him perform.

This is our absolute favourite!

4. Daniel Waples

This hand drum player is one of the most talented instrumentalists in the music world right now! We got a chance to meet him during a festival and we felt he was extremely humble and funny. He is one of the pioneers of the hand drum movement and is self-taught. He has roamed around 50 countries with the hand drum and is one of the most recognised artists in the field.

Start with this beautiful tune!

5. FKJ

French Kiwi Juice is a multi-instrumentalist and singer, his music is just mind-blowing! We discovered him accidentally but now he is a regular on our trips  His music is the perfect amount of trippy!

Check him out.

7. Ben Howard

This English musician and composer is an amazing find if you love indie-folk and ambient music. Imagine while crossing the ghats, every road you take leads you to a new landscape, his music just takes that feeling to another level. It’s another trip all-together!

Try this > 

8. Prateek Kuhad

Don’t think we have forgotten about our home-grown talent. Let’s just say, Prateek Kuhad’s playlists are must-haves for every road trip. Don’t you love the calmness in his voice? Over the years, his music has grown so much and even if all his songs are identifiable, we love the vibe of his music. So proud of this Indian talent.

Do we need you where to start?

9. Agam

This band from Bangalore has a pool of talented musicians. People who are interested in fusion music (Indian and Carnatic classical music with a dash of western instruments) would enjoy their music for sure. All the compositions are extremely melodious and are well connected to our roots. That’s one of the brilliant things about them. Do carry this roadtrip music playlist for your next roadtrip and surprise your friends!

We think you will love this!

10. Parekh and Singh

Another talented duo from the City of Joy, famous for their quirky music videos and beautiful songs. First time when we heard their music, it felt abstract and definitely not Indian. But a few of their compositions are just very very different and they calm you down.

Try this

11. Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals

If you want to add a little hip hop and blues to your road trip, this guy’s music is a must! He is a multi-instrumentalist and his voice is really unique and magical! He generally performs with the Free Nationals.

Check him out for the chill vibes he brings with him!

12. Iron and Wine

Our road trips aren’t complete without this. Divine music, perfect vibe and meaningful lyrics. It’s been a while since we discovered this music and we are still in love with it. It’s just very peaceful and lets you escape in your own world. We use this playlist while working as well. No matter where you are or what you are doing, this makes you happy inside.

This playlist will take care of you for at least one hour

13. Papon

This super talented musician from Assam is now a famous voice in Bollywood. The first time we heard him live was at NH7 and from that day he has become one of our favourite musicians. Every form of music comes naturally to him. Starting from classical to flashy Bollywood songs, and from soulful ghazals to romantic songs, his voice suits every genre of music. 

Listen to his composition, it’s our absolute favourite.   

14. Jaymay

This was another happy discovery. We were looking for songs from How I Met Your Mother. Her song ‘Sea Green, Sea Blue’ was featured in one of the episodes. We have been listening to her music since then. A little country, a little blue, this talented artist knows how to create cosy vibes with her music. 

This soothing song is our absolute fave

15. Ronnie and Barty

Going to the mountains? Need some pahadi vibes? These super talented guys have a perfect roadtrip music for you. Rohan Thakur is a content creator, cinematographer, musician, singer and God knows what else. All you need to know is his limited collection of songs is just perfect to play during your trip to the mountains.

They have very limited songs. Check this out?

16. Indosoul

This Indie band from south India effortlessly brings you fusion music. Every composition is melodious and perfect that you will feel like they have a song for every mood. We have had a chance to see their performance live and we really enjoyed it. If we won’t support and encourage these super talented artists from our countrymany, who will?  

We totally recommend this one

17. Jai Wolf

Sajeeb Saha or as known amongst his fans as Jai Wolf is an electronic music producer based in New York. He is originally from Bangladesh. His soothing songs accompany us on all road trips.

Check out this beautiful composition

18. Red Hot Chili Peppers

This American band is known for their rock, punk, and psychedelic songs. One of the very few bands who despite the ups and downs managed to survive since getting formed in 1983. What’s road trip without their roadtrip music in your playlist?

Are you telling me you don’t relate to this song?

19. A.R.Rahman

Talking music, it will be criminal if we don’t mention this legend. Every composition of his is just amazing, it gives us such feels! We can’t even name all the favourite songs composed or sung by him, can you?

There are soooo many!

20. Amit Trivedi

Before Prateek Kuhad, he got in the cooler music into our lives, isn’t it? His compositions makes you skip a heartbeat, dance like crazy or weep like a baby.

This is our fave

So, we guess your playlist is sorted for your few upcoming road trips. If you have suggestions, please do share it with us.

Until next time. Happy road tripping!

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