That feeling of going home!

Ah! That feeling,

Be it returning from a hectic day at work, an amazing party, or even an excellent vacation, I love the feeling of going back home. It is something that I look forward to. And I have been fortunate enough to carry this feeling throughout my life.

If you ask me for a reason, I have many. Personally, for me, it is spending time with my wife. From discussing ideas to planning trips & meetups and from cooking to bingeing, there’s a lot we do. At the same time, we are absolutely capable of doing nothing at all. And this is just one of the reasons.

Home is where most of our socializing happens. For people who know us well, know that we run an open house. Family, friends, friends’ of friends, their friends, everybody is invited. It just feels good to see people enjoying the hospitality and making themselves feel at home.

My life wasn’t always like this. But even back when I used to live with my family, I always liked going home. I liked being in that space, spending time with family, rebooting myself and gearing up for the next day. But this hasn’t in any way stopped me from socializing or enjoying my life anywhere else. No matter how bad I feel about getting back to routine, the moment I am near my home, I love it.

I feel bad for those who can’t relate to this feeling. Really. You don’t know what you are missing out on. Consider this for instance. You buy or rent a place, you ask a maid to keep it clean, you customize your room to suit your taste, and invest to make it comfortable. All this effort and you still don’t feel like going home. That for me is just sad.

Can one develop this feeling?

Yes of course and you should. However, there can be exceptions because not everyone is the same and neither are the families.

How do you go about it?

Choose a place you love –

This is in case you plan to buy or rent a place. Check for a place you would love to come back to. Maybe you will hear the song, ‘Aaja re…. Aaja re oh mere dilbar aaja” in your head. Now a lot of people would say the rent is too high or the deal is not good. Hear them out, evaluate. But buy or rent what you like. Because you have to stay there not them.

Your space –

Make a space that you can call yours. even if you just have only one room to yourself in an apartment. Surround yourself with things you like and won’t mind looking at all the time. Light the room as per your liking. Buy the bed which will help you fall asleep no matter what. If you want a bean bag and not a bed, get it. If you want to paint a wall, do it. Create your own vibe.

Invite people over –

Many won’t be comfortable with this, but it is worth the try. People don’t always need big homes to party, they need a place which is comfortable. A place where they won’t mind passing out and they feel safe. Hey, they are your friends, so you’ve got it.

This is literally all that takes for you to get that feeling. The feeling of going home.

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