Traveller’s Terrace Chapter 3 – How to be a responsible traveller / Sustainable ways to travel

About Traveller’s Terrace –

Confused about where to start? Who would have thought, a random idea to host people who are interested in travelling would take such an interesting turn. Traveller’s Terrace began simply because we had a terrace and intention to host like-minded people. We gather around to talk about travel, come up with new ideas, and just jam.

This third edition was really special because of the topic itself. So how did it take shape? Thanks to a plogging party we attended. It literally changed the way we thought about travelling. For those who don’t know, Plogging – ( Swedish word) simply means picking up trash while jogging. So simple right? Although, in India, we not only need to pick up trash while jogging, but we need to do it all the time. Plastic and other wastes are filing up the earth and 99% of it is made by us, humans. It is only natural and obvious that we start being responsible for our actions.

While cleaning up a nearby lake, we kept thinking, we have seen such places before, filled with filth and garbage. As travellers, it’s our responsibility to, 1. not to throw garbage wherever we go and 2. Pick up non-bio degradable waste at least, so that animals don’t consume it. That thought triggered the theme for this edition of ‘Traveller’s Terrace’.

About the guests –

As a format, we go call a few experts from the field and open the discussion with them. Followed by an open discussion where everyone becomes a part of it and shares their opinions and ideas This time, our guests were some of the people who are already working in this field. They understand how serious this issue is and are working towards curtailing it.

Jacob Cherian –

In so many ways, he is the guy who inspired this meet-up. He randomly started cleaning the mountains of Kodaikanal around 3 years ago. Some travellers started joining him and soon it became a thing. He tossed the name “Plogging Party” and made it a thing and we wish it will soon become a phenomenon. In just 1 year, he has run 30+ cleanups in 9+ cities and with around 3500 + volunteers. Jacob believes that every traveller should run this micro clean up drive wherever they go.

Sourabh Sengupta –

They say the 3rd world war will be about the water. It’s true that water is one of the most important necessity and its supply is limited. So we have to do everything in our capacity to save and preserve it. Saurabh has been working with India’s best environmentalists to come up with its solution. He runs a community called ‘ The Dead River Project’ that essentially works towards spreading awareness through various art forms and try to come up with executable solutions to preserve water. A talented team of young artists, photographers work with him for the project.

Raksha -

Raksha is a travel blogger, scuba diver, and a techie and she works with ‘My Eco Trip’. The initiative works around finding sustainable ways of travelling. They organize treks and trips to the smaller, unheard villages and create income opportunities for the locals. Sustainable tourism stands for sustainable ways of travelling including the development of locals. Often when we travel, we get too busy with our itineraries and social media, and don’t pay attention to the most important factor – interacting with locals. No one can tell you about the place, its culture, and heritage better than the locals. ‘My Eco Trip‘ works towards bridging this gap between the travellers and locals.

Goutham Warrier –

A filmmaker, a traveller, and someone who has done thorough research on sustainability, Goutham has his own production house named ‘Traveling tripod’. He is from Wayanad and has seen the changing landscapes of Wayanad after the tourism boom. Even though it did give employment opportunities, it also started getting polluted. Some of his films and documentaries bring focus on travel and sustainability.

The entire meet-up saw a nice flowing conversation around sustainability and travel. After the informal question-answer session with the above-mentioned people, other travellers participated in an open discussion. Many ideas were exchanged, topics were debated on, and people had a nice pleasant time.

The highlight of the meet-up was, we actually came up with ideas as to how can all of us be more responsible and how can we help the cause. Just mentioning a few here –

Chapter 3 was a beautiful melange of people sharing ideas, having pleasant conversations, networking, and of course good vibes as usual.

We would like to thank people who attended the event and those who are reading this. Thank you for taking a small step towards travelling responsibly. Hope you had fun and have a new perspective.

Keep spreading good vibes!
Until next time!