What is your ‘X’?

For us, it all started when we attended a well crafted residential program (The Beach House Project) for creators and creative professionals last year in Ramgarh, Nainital. Jay, the mastermind behind it asked us one of the most difficult questions.

Solve this equation – AMeaningful life = F(X) max.

What is the value that you have always looked for when making important life turning decisions? Sounds tough to answer? Well, it is! While we tried thinking about it throughout the trip, the team behind this planned to share it with a larger group of creators and thus was born – F of X festival!

What is F of X?

F of X is India’s first residential festival for creators and creatives that took place in Jim Corbett from 21st to 24th February 2019. Around 150 participants, 40 speakers and a team of 25-30 people attended the festival and left with inspiration, great stories, wonderful learnings and bonds for life!

When I got a chance to work with the team and handle social media along with my wonderful friend Vismaya, I had no idea it would be another life-changing experience for me as well.

Why was this festival so unique?

  • 150 creators and creatives were carefully chosen for the festival amongst 1000+ applicants.
  • The speakers (guides) were artists/experts comprising of advertising & marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, personal growth facilitators, experience curators, designers, writers, poets, musicians, etc. The list will go on, but the important point is, all of them had pivoted their lives in a direction that they are very proud of. They were there to share their stories and their experiences.
  • The venue was a gorgeous resort in Jim Corbett, where the days would begin with a breathtaking view of river Kosi and a beautiful sunrise.
  • All the sessions were carefully crafted addressing different challenges of creators and how to overcome them. Insightful hacks and stories were shared to build a sense of confidence and boost creativity in the right direction.
  • The festival was driven with nothing but good vibes. All the experiences were crafted to encourage meaningful conversations throughout.
  • There were 4 zones dedicated to different sessions and workshops – Heart, Mind, Soul, and Hand. Each session would fit into either of the zones depending on the topic and the speaker. Eg – Mandala and dream catcher making workshops took place in the hand zone. Pretty awesome idea, isn’t it?

Co create. Co discover. Co live

Participants were encouraged to have conversations that go beyond their professions. They were asked difficult questions and were pushed to think about themselves as individuals. They were put in an environment which was completely new to them. Unfamiliar, uncomfortable and unexpected! Every day conversing with new creators, understanding their stories, their struggles, and their learnings helped them bond with fellow creators.
A sense of empathy and power was so visible the day they parted ways. In just 4 days, they made connections that will last for the rest of their lives.

Sessions & Workshops

F of X witnessed some of India’s best creators under one roof in these 4 days. To bring so many successful creators together is no joke. A big shout out to the team who managed it so efficiently. Every speaker came with a specific set of skills and was happily sharing with the others. To name a few- Balaji Manoharan – (Founder of MR B Live Entertainment) Constantly creating magic in the live events space with disruptive and innovative ideas.

  • Shilpi Gupta – (Head – culture marketing – Red Bull India) One of India’s leading cultural curators, art enabler.
  • When Chai Met Toast – (Indie/rock band) A band from the land of coconuts, they bring undeniable energy on the stage with their soulful performances
  • Manil – Rohit (Founders – The Creative Indians) Experts in collaborative work, masterminds behind a successful Netflix special – The Creative Indians.
  • Natasha Kumar – (Founder – Vajor.com) a fierce entrepreneur, innovator, hustler, and full of positive vibes.

The list goes on. Along with these sessions, there were some beautiful workshops conducted by a bunch of incredible experience curators which turned out to be an eye-opener.

  • Vismaya, Digital marketer, founder of Maummaya, with whom I connected the most before and during the festival. A thorough professional and creator of handmade aromatic candle brand.
  • Gayathri Nair, Therapy facilitator, created magical experiences with her purely therapeutic mandala and dream catcher making workshops.
  • Tre Munroe, Kalisthetics enthusiast, made our mornings delightful and energetic with his acro-yoga sessions.
  • Daniel Waples and Flavio Lopez – (Hand pan artist and Violinist) Imagine river side evenings with such soothing and moving music and aromatic incense sticks (Yes, they light incense sticks right before all their performances, talk about feeling the music in its purest form.)

Conversations & Collaborations

Collaborations are always an important aspect of a great creation. But very few people really understand its power. F of X values it the most and hence the atmosphere was all about encouraging interesting collaborations. In fact, this team behind F Of X was built with just the right number of collaborations and I am sure, 80% of the creators who attended the festival have already or will create some wonderful collaborations. Just wait for it!

What is the most memorable conversation that you have been a part of? Have you ever shared some of your biggest fears, insecurities, success stories, deep emotions with a stranger? At F of X, we all explored the possibilities to have a meaningful conversation. Be it open mic, blindfolded conversations (beautifully facilitated by Janet), or be it the one on one sessions with speakers and fellow creators.

Networking & Guidance

Along with all the boost of self-encouragement and motivation, some of the tangible benefits of F Of X was real-time networking and guidance from experts. While being amidst the forest, creators asked questions that they were stuck with. Starting from recommending books, apps and technology, to getting advice on how to approach investors and how to start a company from scratch. Yes, there were business leaders and angel investors listening to every idea carefully and guiding them in the right direction.

Brands on board

We had some very interesting brands on board to support this beautiful festival. Absolut, Red Bull, The Butt Ballot, Bili.hu to name a few.

F of X truly brought out the best of people. All the creators made such strong bonds in a course of just 4 days, they laughed, cried, got entertained, entertained others, shared ideas & perspectives, experienced the power of collaborations and conversations and much more. There are very few spaces where you can be completely yourself, engage in an interesting conversation with a stranger, learn life lessons from fellow creators and most importantly find your X.

Thanks once again for this truly amazing experience, team F of X. It was an honor to be a part of the team and witness all of it. You all made it happen. We made it happen! Keep spreading the good vibes and let’s get started for 2020!

Please go through the website here – www.fofxfestival.com

Instagram page here – https://bit.ly/2XvB8D6

There are so many speakers and guides that I couldn’t mention here but they all impacted the festival in a magical way. I urge you all to go through the website and Instagram pages to know more about them. 🙂